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Everyday Waist Trainers

Reduce your Waist by up to 6 inches! Everyday corsets are designed to reduce your waist size by up to 6 or 7 inches when tightened to their fullest, so they are designed for people with some serious body reshaping in mind. If you are thinking of taking body reshaping to the next level, wearing one of these corsets regularly could permanently change your body shape, leaving you with a much smaller waist even when you’re not wearing a corset.

Men Shapewear

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest method to lose a few pounds in the belly area, this could be the thing you need. These are a perfect solution for men who want to have a flatter abdominal and a perfect shape. Shop our range of men waist trainers and other shapewear. 


Ensuring contour and comfort go hand in hand, this shapewear collection includes body shapers and provides support to help sculpt your look. Firm up with our great range of control underwear. From waist shaping briefs to control bodysuits, we have everything you need to flatter your silhouette.